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Healthy-ish Football Food

In honor of football rapidly approaching I wanted to round up some of the best and the yummiest football food that is on the "healthier side" of the typical chips + queso.

One of my favorite combinations - savory and sweet! BONUS - these will make your house smell like heaven on earth.


These are a must have for any fall barbecue, but especially for a football party!! Make sure to scrape out the seeds and veins as some can be super hot while some can be super mild! Smell is the best test for how spicy your jalapenos are going to be!


I make these all the time for parties and they're always a big hit. They're light, fresh, and packed full of flavor. I know it's not typical "football food" but it's a great app that cuts through all the chips and dip.


Again, a great alternative to our beloved chips and dip. If you crisp up the sweet potatoes real good under the broiler, these guys will be the hit of your party. They're a little smokey, a little spicy, and of course, a little sweet.


A great addition to any football gathering. It's the thing that can stay on the stove all game long for seconds and thirds, and it only gets better. Serve with fritos, chips, or along side those crispy sweet potato fries. I can't wait until chili season is here in full!


What's your favorite thing to make during football season? Leave your comment below so we can all get some good ideas!

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Kate Armstrong
Kate Armstrong
29 de ago. de 2021

YUM! I am going to try all of these! Chad is from Louisiana so we always have a pot of red beans and rice going in the fall for football games! GEAUX TIGERS!

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