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Running Unhindered in Your Thought Life

When I began sharing my story of recovering from abuse, I heard from women across the country struggling in the same manner. Whether or not they were survivors of abuse, betrayal, and toxic relationships, they seemed to be feeling the same way.

It was then I realized my real recovery wouldn't be from the abuse itself, but from the thoughts I believed were true as a result of the abuse.

I felt worthless. Guilt-ridden. Ashamed.

It wasn’t so much the abuse that held me captive, but the roots formed from it. Hopefully you aren't suffering the same circumstance as I am, but perhaps the struggle with thoughts are the same.

So why is it that we can't just memorize a bible verse and make it go away. Because these thoughts have quite literally dug crevices into our bran as we think them over and over.

In counseling a few years ago, she had me fold a paper into 8 sections. Then she had me undo it and fold it the same way again. And again. And then with my eyes closed. Then she told me to fold it the opposite direction on the creases. In order for me to accomplish this, I found I had to concentrate, folding with intention rather than habit. ⠀

This was meant to be an illustration of our thought patterns, an example of how hard it is to reprogram how we think about ourselves, about our circumstances, about the world.

The truth of the matter is that these thoughts will not be won over with a whispered prayer or a single bible verse, but instead with the power of consistency in intentionally pursuing Truth from our Creator. ⠀

When we are battling negative patterns in our life - especially our thought life - we have to recognize that it requires HARD WORK to win this war. It demands that we pay attention to the details of our live, the circumstances and even people that have for so long trained us to think and feel a certain way about ourselves.

So how do we with this war? By renewing our mind. Over and again, bathing our thoughts in scripture, worship, and prayer.

No matter what thoughts seem to be holding you captive, you can decide to fold them the opposite way. Dig into the truth of scripture, notice who God says you are, not what your thoughts say. You are loved. Purposed. Wonderfully made.

God is bigger than your thought life. Remember that today.



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