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Oh, friend, healing is such a journey. When I set out to break free from the chains of shame stemming from my abusive childhood, I had no idea that healing would turn out NOT to be a destination. I SO wish that healing was something fully attainable this side of heaven. Instead, it seems to be a beautiful roller coaster of ups and downs that, when we surrender to it, tells us when we need to take time to rest and when we need to take steps forward. 


Taking time to step back and start healing is vital to living the abundant life that God has for us. It's messy and sometimes feels like you're stuck in the mud, not moving anywhere. But what God is doing on the inside of your heart, soul, and mind, is something that can be come by no other way. 


These pieces are a mix of light and dark, up and down, high and low and I am here for all of it. Let these sit on your bookshelf as a gentle reminder of what God is STILL DOING in you until you meet Him face to face. 


5" x 7" Fluid acrylic, Ink, and Pencil on Watercolor Paper. Framed in 6" x 8" Freestanding Acrylic Frame.

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