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The Pivot: Believing God When You Really, Really, Don't Want To

The Pivot: Believing God When You Really, Really, Don't Want To


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Have you ever doubted if God is actually good? Have you ever looked at the situation in front of you and asked the Lord, “How could you let this happen?” Me too.


So often we read stories of God's faithfulness after the answer to prayer has come or the miracle has been performed. But sometimes our waiting never ends.. Sometimes our circumstances are never “fixed.” Does that change who God is - or, at least, who he is to us? Or can we still believe God to be who he says he is: good, faithful, loving, and kind? Perhaps the depth of our faith isn't measured by how deeply we believe God, but by what we do when we don’t.


The truth is, there are many answers we won’t receive this side of heaven. As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, author Becky Leach, understands this process all too well.


In the middle of her wait for justice, healing, and forgiveness, Becky invites us to believe God with her, despite how we feel in the moment. Modeled after David's consistent attitude of belief in the Psalms, The Pivot encourages us to:


  • Make the choice to believe God regardless of our circumstances
  • Rid ourselves of the guilt that comes with unbelief
  • Reach a place of healing and wholeness not because our situation is better, but because God is


This book is Becky’s honest, open, and very much ongoing journey toward believing God when it would prove much easier not to. Her words give hope to the weary and encouragement to the disheartened by pulling out powerful stories in scripture while testifying to the promises of God in her own life. By learning that belief is a journey and not a destination, Becky has found her way to a deeper and clearer understanding of faith, and she invites us to find freedom in the same.


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