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One of my most favorite things in life is gathering people to have intentional conversation. When our oldest child, Brady, was in Kindergarten, I found myself longing for more vulnerable and authentic relationships. I had a handful of close friends, but it was hard for me to strike up meaningful discussions over a cup of coffee. My biggest fear was rejection, of course. How can I trust someone else with my hurts - or even my dreams?

Unfortunately for us, in this world of Facebook, Instagram and Snap Chat, we feel connected to everyone, but are actually missing one of the connections we need most : authenticity. Who doesn't want have someone in their life that they can just be REAL with?


This lesson is full of hilarious stories of my own trial and error process of friendship, heartwarming reasons why we all crave intimacy and practical steps to move from surface level relationships to deep, abiding and lasting ones with the women around us.  


This topic answers this question : How can we move from surface level friendship into deep, vulnerable relationships that walk alongside us through the big celebrations in life as well as the deep struggles? 

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Our homes - whether we live in an apartment with roommates or in a mansion with an entire staff - are gifts from God that can be used to easily love others. Full of practical tips in opening up our homes, including the fifteen minute refresh, stocking our freezer with easy appetizers and how to create an atmosphere of love and grace so we can honor our guests.


What if we viewed our homes as a gift to steward? Could we offer a respite from the world to those around us who need it? 


This teaching moves from practical into the heart of the matter - WHY we do this. 1 Peter 4:8-11 says we are to be FERVENT in our love for one another. What would it look like if we were to be stretched to the limit in our service to one another? 

This topic touches on how deeply our communities could change if we would simply open the doors to our homes, inviting others to experience the grace and love of Jesus. Click Here to Book. 


I was born a creative, and honestly I don't think that seems very important in the big picture of life. Being a stay at home mom with a husband who is often at center stage, I find myself asking God, "what about me... what is my purpose?" In the heart of this conversation, I met a man deep in the exodus story that was plucked out from his community for what seemed like an incredibly insignificant skill : woodworking.


As it turned out, God needed someone gifted in that very specific craft to build the Ark of the Covenant where He Himself would live during their journey to the Promised Land.


This topic answers the question : What would happen if we stopped valuing one gifting over another and started honing the craft God has already set deep in our hearts?  Click here to book now.


We can all agree that our country is divided. Sometimes it's over politics, race, religion. Sometimes it's over football teams we root for, colleges that we attend or even state pride. Either way, we are a nation divided. 

But within this divided nation, there are small neighborhoods, apartment complexes, churches and schools where we all reside, just doing our own thing; minding our own business. But what if we could unify our country one neighborhood, one school, one city at a time by simply loving the people that cross our path well

This lesson explores what the Bible tells us about division, how Jesus and his disciples loved others and simple steps to break barriers down in our everyday lives. Included are practical party ideas and even a few make and take recipes to share with your neighbors.

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