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speaker, writer, artist

Hey girl, I am so glad you're here. Let's go over a few things that are must-know about me before we go any further, okay? 

First, I am a writer, a speaker and an artist. It has taken me a freaking long time to be able to write that out or say that confidently without cringing. Why? Because it feels like such an honor to write about Jesus. It feels like such a privilege to speak about the things he has done in and through me. And it feels like just the most incredible blessing to be able to use the gifts He has given me to create beauty for other peoples' homes. 

Second, I live in Allen, Texas with my high school sweetheart, our three kids and our newest addition - Franklin, our beloved golden doodle. I am serious about how I like my coffee, I'm an amateur gardener, I love to cook yummy food (some of which you'll find over on the blog) and I have recently developed a habit of geeking out over the constitution

Now, onto the more important stuff.

I am a survivor. A victim of sexual assault as a child and teen, it is something I hope to advocate against for the rest of my life. You can read interviews and listen to podcasts to learn more on my media page. 

Through my abuse recovery, I experienced the Lord's faithfulness unlike ever before. As difficult as the darkness was, walking in the light has made every tear worth it. 

My deepest desire is to use every chance I get to preach Jesus and His love for us from the rooftops. Whether it is writing a blog post or an article for Christian Parenting. Whether it's speaking to a MOPs group or sitting on a panel for Victim Advocacy. Whether it's painting artwork for someone else's home, my prayer is that you don't see me, but Jesus. 

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