Becky is a fervent writer, accidental speaker + self-taught artist. She adores instagram, hates working out and is obsessive over the creamer in her coffee. She is a mom of three crazy kids and married to her high school sweetheart, who just so happens to also be her State Representative. The beat of Becky’s heart is to equip women in living free in the grace of Jesus's great love. 

"Becky wants you to know her story is not a sad one," writes Sharon Grigsby of the Dallas Morning News. 

If you have ever sat with Becky over a cup of coffee, you likely would hear her talk about bondage, shame and regret. But then you would hear so much more than that - about running free in the love of Christ. She'd talk with you about God's mercy and grace, about forgiveness and of course, freedom. 

For twenty years, Becky held the reality of childhood sexual abuse secret. She denied it, compartmentalized it and when it started to bubble up, her body would react with symptoms of anxiety, depression and panic. But through the mighty and all powerful grace of God, Becky finally began to acknoweldge the truth of her past. 

With the support of her husband, her family & her friends, Becky courageously began the journey toward truth and, most importantly, toward freedom. 



Becky is boldly running on mission to engage women in the journey toward the same freedom she has found. We don't share our stories in an effort to simply be vulnerable, instead, we share our stories to point to the glories of what God can and will do. 

You don't have to be carrying shame from an abusive past to be carrying a shame that sabotages the rest of your life. We've all done this, right? Kept our past choices, decisions, secrets hidden in order to protect ourselves or those around us. What if we are too much - what if it is too much? What if we lose everything - or maybe just someone?


But what if we DO lose it all because we never surrendered it all?  


Becky's desire for this online space is to support, encourage, care and pray for women who are holding tight to their secrets. She writes for freedom, for mercy, for Jesus. So, what if today could be the day to let it all go? Join her mission, following along as she writes passionately about freedom, advocates on behalf of victims and has a whole lot of fun along the way. 

Becky's advocacy has been featured in the Dallas Morning News, Fort Worth Star Telegram and the Texas Tribune. For booking information, click here. 

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