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Gardening 101 | Containers

It's Container Gardening Day, y'all and I am THRILLED to finally bring you this post!! I hope that by the end of it, you're just as excited as I am to get digging on your own! I have talked before about all the different kinds of containers you can find! The biggest thing is to make sure there is adequate drainage... so if you need to drill extra holes, go ahead and do that! This will help your plants THRIVE.

Okay, so first thing is first. We like VARIETY in our containers, so when you go to the nursery, keep these things in mind. I like to keep the rule of thumb that odd numbers are always better in mind. So I select three or five different plants for each container, depending on the size.


When I talk about texture, I mean that we don't want to simply have all the same leaf shape and color. You want to add different types of interest to your pots. This, pictured here, is Asparagus Fern and does well in both shade and mostly sun. It can grow really big and full which is nice too.

Trailing Vines

These are maybe my favorite part of every pot. This makes your porch or yard or balcony look lush and green. I listed my three favorite below : Creeping jew, Purple Sweet Potato Vine and then regular Sweet Potato Vine. These are all good for full sun! Any kind of ivy is good for shade, I just don't have a ton of shade in my back yard.

Varying Bloom Sizes

When placing things in a pot, we don't want to put two large blooms together or make it all small blooms, etc. I generally like to have one tall item to be the focal point. In this case, it's geraniums. Then I add another size bloom, texture or trailing vine to go with it. There are endless combinations, but the point is to switch it up to keep it interesting!

Okay, so now it's time to pot. I got a bit fancy and did it step by step in pictures for you!

And there you have it! Don't be surprised if your plants go into shock for a day or two and look a little droopy and sad. That's totally normal, y'all! They're just getting used to their new environment and new owner! You just keep loving on those babies and they'll perk up in no time!

Here's one more example of a larger pot that has five (actually six) plants in it! Pack them in, y'all! They'll fill out and look awesome by the end of summer!



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