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Easy DIY Garden Markers

If you've got veggies in your yard, these markers will come in super handy! I can never remember what tomato is supposed to be the size of a cherry or a plum - or which peppers are supposed to be red and which are supposed to be green! These guys will help y'all and guess what : You probably have the supplies on hand!

Supplies Needed :

Large Popsicle Sticks

Glossy or Semi-glossy Paint (Or you can use regular paint and coat with a mod podge sealant)

Foam Brushes

Paint Pen or Small Paint Brush

Directions :

These garden markers are super easy!

All you need to do is paint the front side of your Popsicle sticks, let them dry and then turn them over to paint the back side.

I didn't worry about painting the bottom because - hello - it will be in the dirt!

Then use your small paint brush or paint pen - whatever you're most comfortable using - and paint on the names of all your herbs and veggies! Simple as pie!

If you use these sweet little garden markers, make sure to share them with us! I'd love to highlight everyone's variations on the blog soon!!


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