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Worship Wednesday

I am a big believer in Worship. It is not a rare thing that you would see me in my car, a hand sprawled to the side in worship with tears running down my face. In fact, I love my church's worship time, but my most holy moments of worship are in my car on the way to take Landry to Mother's Day Out. My heart is soft, repentant and expectant in the morning.

Filling my heart with worship changed my life a few years back when we said a big YES to the Lord's call to pick our family and move in order to run for political office. I was empty in so many of those moments. I would turn to scripture but often, my soul was so weary that I couldn't even comprehend the words I was reading. I would sit with my tear-filled eyes closed but didn't have words to pray.

But worship filled me.

It was that season that cultivated my love of worship music. And also - this is a PSA - the worship music that I love is most often NOT the music I find on our local Christian radio station. Don't get me wrong, I loved me some Point of Grace back in the day, but there is so much MORE out there that I am positive you can find the kind of music that speaks right to your heart!

So come along for this ride on Wednesdays where I share four new-to-me favorites for you to add to your playlist.


My favorites on this album are Forgiven by David Crowder and Heart Abandoned by Kristian Stanfill. You can't go wrong with a Passion Album. The LIVE worship music albums are always my favorite.

My current favorite song is Until My Voice is Gone - and this is my favorite version. We sang it at church on Easter Sunday and I have not gotten it out of my head this whole time. It's the new Leach Family Anthem.

Shane & Shane used to come to my little Christian school and sing at chapel - or they did once, at least. 15 years later, they are still worshiping and this latest album is on repeat in the studio most days.

Steffany - where have you been all my life? If I could sing (which I most definitely canNOT) this is what I would want my 'sound' to be. My most favorite songs on this album are "Come Out of Hiding" and "Morning Song".


I pray that these songs bless your week! Fill your home (and car) with worship on those hard days! If you have favorite worship songs, would you let me know? I always LOVE trying new stuff - and if I love it, I'll share it here for sure! Also, if you are new to worship music, you can find my playlist on Spotify! My name is Becky Cook Leach and the playlist is Worship 2017.


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