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Thirty. Six.

Tuesday I turned 36. Thirty. Six.

It was a wonderful happy-filled day. I woke to the smell of bacon and coffee, lovingly prepared by my sweet husband and three crazy kiddos. We opened presents (that our youngest thought were all supposed to be FOR him, not FROM him) and lingered a bit before the school day began. The day was beautiful and filled with all of the things and people I love most. Family, friends, all things Anthropologie and Calloway's, gardening, painting, writing, reading, lot's of good food and laughter.

It was perhaps my most wonderful birthday ever.

To say that I am completely overwhelmed with God's grace and goodness that He has been pouring over my life in the midst of darkness would be a total understatement. He is good, He is real and He sees me even in the messiness of life.

But before I get overwhelmed (again) with the tears in my eyes, I wanted to hop on here and map out what I want my 36th year to look like. I'm a list maker (not so much a list-doer, y'all) and as I reach this pivotal moment in my life to experience freedom for the first time, I want to really sit and pray over who I want to be. Because as Rachel Hollis has put it, only I can decide that.

So here is a rough list of the thirty six things I want to do and be and accomplish in my thirty sixth year of life.

  1. Cook good food. Good for the soul, good for the body and good to eat.

  2. Create an atmosphere of love and grace in our home.

  3. Laugh louder. Laugh more. Just laugh.

  4. Tone it up. All of it.

  5. Pray more.

  6. Keep a journal. Like, a legit "here's what happened and here's what I'm feeling" journal.

  7. Keep my nails painted. And my toes.

  8. Write daily. Even just a bit. And no the journal doesn't count.

  9. Create.

  10. Run a half marathon.

  11. Stop engaging in negative conversations.

  12. Smile.

  13. Practice gratitude.

  14. Wear lipstick.

  15. Get dressed more - wear what I love instead of go-to comfy clothes.

  16. Spend more time outside.

  17. Read twelve books.

  18. Watch more sunsets.

  19. Be spontaneous.

  20. Do something for the first time.

  21. Get a massage.

  22. Slow down.

  23. Get better at self-care.

  24. Practice yoga.

  25. Eat outside more often.

  26. Learn how to grill. (Jeff's territorial over the grill!)

  27. Tell people I love them.

  28. Keep promises I make to myself. Do what I tell myself I will do.

  29. Say yes more to my kids. And to my husband. ;)

  30. Look for God's everyday miracles instead of waiting for a big one.

  31. Remember my love of baking bread. (This must be kept in moderation : more on that later!)

  32. Teach more.

  33. Try kickboxing.

  34. Take a painting class.

  35. Visit a new place.

  36. Go to the movies more.

What is on your list? Do you have one? I know some of these things are general and not really "goals" per say like "be spontaneous". But this is what I want for my life. I want to look back on this list at 37 and say, "Yeah. I was more spontaneous this year. Yeah, I totally slowed down." They are lifestyle changes I want to be in the business of making this year. For myself and for my family.


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