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Sabbath Six



a day of religious observance and abstinence from work, kept by Jews from Friday evening to Saturday evening, and by most Christians on Sunday.

Sabbath is something my heart has been wrestling with in the last several years. What does it look like to actually practice sabbath in 2019?

John Piper wrote a blog post several years ago that I highly recommend in terms of sabbath.

"I'm working six days a week, and on Monday—which is the day I take off—I'm putting my feet up and not thinking in terms of work. But rather, I pray at the beginning of the day, 'Lord, whatever happens today, may it be energizing for Tuesday. May it be energizing for the week that's coming. Give me strength, give me energy." John Piper

So, practically speaking, sabbath for each of us will look different and it is for our good. It is for rest and refreshment so that we can be effective the remainder of the week. I wish I didn't need to have a list to focus me for sabbath, it seems a bit counterintuitive, right? But really it goes against everything in me to actually rest. And truly, I'm not even sure what it looks like for me to rest. So each week I'm going to try different things to find what God uses best to refresh my soul.

Here are my Sabbath Six :

1. Turn off my phone for the afternoon. Like, hit the off button. Not just silent or do not disturb, but off.

3. Go on a walk.

4. Celebrate with friends.

5. Spend some one on one time with my husband.

Do you practice Sabbath? What do you do to cultivate rest and refreshment for the rest of your week?



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