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Stop Telling Yourself You Can't

“For nothing will be impossible with God.” Luke 1:37

I know I've written a handful of times about the phrase that often hangs around in my head : “I can't.” Sure, sometimes I’m a bit more dramatic about it, “I literally cannot” or “I cannot even”, but either way, the concept of not being able to do something (or be around someone) is the same.

Sometimes the context is lighthearted, like “I CAN'T handle this Big XII scandal” or “I CAN'T eat another egg for breakfast." Sometimes it involves our children like, “I CAN'T hear complaining about dinner again".

But other times, most times actually, it’s really, really selfish.

I can't deal with this situation any longer.

I can't walk into that scenario again.

I can't teach women.

I can't write this book.

For some of y'all, when someone tells you can't, it only makes you try harder. You want to prove them wrong, prove yourself right, or just prove that you CAN do it, no matter the opposition. But for me? For me, if someone tells me I can't do something, I believe them.

And mostly, if I tell myself that I can't do something, it usually sticks.

But what if we stopped believing those things that are rolling around in our heads? What if we remembered what the Lord tells us in spite of what the world tells us?

"What then shall we say to these things? If God is for us, who is against us?” Romans 8:31

If your heart is in following the Lord, and God is FOR you, then no one can hold you back. There might be naysayers, there might be discouragements, failures, flaws, but God is the One who holds us and our ability in His hand.

When we tell ourselves we can't, we aren't just limiting ourselves, we are limiting our God who can! Whatever it is that God has called you to face today, whatever circumstance He is giving you to walk through today, JUST DO IT.

Nothing is impossible with Him on our side. This does not give us license or permission to do whatever we want. This does not promise worldly success or a win or a promotion. This is does promise that He will never leave us. This does promise He won’t lead us astray. This does promise that He very much can do the impossible. He can make a way, He can part the red sea, He can bring back the prodigal son, He can feed 5,000 people, He can raise from the dead.

And He can also do anything through you.



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