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When you can't shake those lies - remember this.

Tell me I’m not the only person who lies to myself about who I am and how the world sees me. Sometimes the lies are no longer whispers, but shouts of unworthiness and inadequacy.

Sure these lies come from some remnant of truth, whether it's something someone actually said to or about us, or a shortcoming we actually have. Satan works best when he's twisting the truth, doesn't he? It's what he did from the very beginning with Eve... "Did God REALLY say?" Either we’ve failed, sinned, or hurt someone we love and instead of letting that be something we did that one time, it becomes engrained in who who we are.

When the presence of sin in your life determines your worthiness of the Lord's love, you will always come up short. Because until you meet Jesus face to face, you will always have sin in your life.

I read a quote a while back from @givingsquared a while back that says “Jesus looks at the cross and looks at you and says ‘she’s worth it’”.

You are worth it, friend.

No matter what you've done, who they say you are or what you can't seem to get over, Jesus has declare you worth DYING for.

Let that sink in for a moment.

He came for you. Even if you were the only person here on this earth, He would come to pursue YOU. He knows the amount of hairs on your head. He says you're wonderfully made. He counts every tear you've cried. He forgives every sin, every prideful part, every ugly word you've said.

So why sell yourself short? Why do we keep giving into these lies of unworthiness? Why do we keep holding ourselves up to someone else’s standards?

Shake off the lies of what was and put on the clothing of who God says we are. This is what it means to run our race unhindered - turning from what is easier for us to believe and choosing what God tells us to believe. If we want to be a generation of women who leave a lasting mark on the world for the sake of the Kingdom, we have to learn to battle the lies inside (and sometimes out of) our heads.

With the Lord's help, all things are possible, and that means we can be victorious in our battle against the enemy here. So let's keep going, keep shaking it off, keep moving back to belief instead of doubt.



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