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Leach Family Salsa

If you live in Texas, salsa is a staple in your kitchen. We always have some on hand, and if you catch us when we don't - it's probably a really bad day. A day without salsa is like a day without sunshine. Gray and dull and boring. Here's the thing about salsa, y'all. Some people (not naming any names here) like it thick and chunky. Think Pace Picante Sauce. If I come to your house and you serve me that, I will be dipping my chips instead of scooping. We do not enjoy the thick stuff. I much prefer cold, smoky, pureed salsa with some warm chips or nachos. Y'all - it's the best snack ever!! This is our family's recipe for salsa... and yes, my oldest and my husband basically drink this at dinner. I start with 2 jalapeños because I never know how potent they'll end up being. If you like your salsa super mild, start with 1. You can ALWAYS go back and add seasonings or heat in there to your liking, you just can't take it out. I hope y'all enjoy! (Recipe below)

LEACH FAMILY SMOKEY SALSA INGREDIENTS 1 large can whole tomatoes, loosely drained (28 oz) 1 can Rotel tomatoes, undrained 4 cloves garlic, chopped 1 cup diced onion 2-3 jalapeños, seeded and chopped Juice of one lime (1 Tbs) 1 tsp salt, plus more to taste 1 tsp ancho chili powder 1 tsp cumin 1 tsp pepper 1 bunch of cilantro - to taste Tortilla Chips for serving DIRECTIONS Pulse all ingredients in food processor, scraping down sides as needed. Taste with chips and adjust seasonings as necessary. I usually am adding more cilantro, jalapeños or salt - depending on how potent everything is. Chill 2-3 hours before serving, although it's ready immediately. Keeps in the refrigerator for 1 week, but beware it probably won't last that long!


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