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21 Ways to be a Fun Mom This Week

I told one of my girlfriends when session started this year that it was going to be my goal to do one “fun mom” thing a week. One. I know that sounds totally, but any mom understands that your energy is easily drained almost all of the time.

There are just simply some days where even when you have the groceries and the supplies and the actual time, getting dinner on the table feels absolutely daunting. That is fact, y'all.

But what if I tried to thrive not just survive? What if - for one day of the week - I tried to lay it on thick with my little ones and just be fun.

We can do that together! We put together a list of 21 simple and easy ways that we can make plans to be fun this week! Come join us!

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1. Popsicle party after school

2. Do something messy

Think watercolors, playing in the mud or rain, play dough, painting, coloring, crafting, cutting, etc. Those things that they ask to do but the thought of cleaning up afterward makes you cringe! Say yes this week.

3. Have a dance party before bedtime.

4. Take an afternoon trip to the Public Library.

5. Grab Sonic Drinks - let them get that crazy mixed drink they always want.

6. Backwards Cafe

A while back, my mom and the kids played restaurant and served us dinner. They made the cutest menus and everything. It was called the Backwards Cafe and they served dessert first! Then the main course then the salad and then the appetizer. It was so cute (and delicious), but the kids got the biggest kick out of serving dessert first!

7. Go for a family walk after dinner.

8. Sing Karaoke with your kids.

9. Let them get the candy or drink at the grocery checkout - just this once

10. Redbox + Jammie Night during the week.

Our kids love to make palettes on the floor and watch movies. Move the furniture, pull out all the pillows and blankets, make popcorn and stay up a little later than normal to watch a fun movie with them.

11. Build a fort under the dining room table

12. Turn on the sprinkler (or hose) in the backyard

13. Go to the Park

14. Bake cookies

15. Have a Lemonade Stand

16. Make a sidewalk chalk mural with them

17. Paint rocks

18. Play with play dough

19. Have a family competition

20. Go up to the basketball court and play HORSE.

21. Create an obstacle course in the back yard.


I hope these simple ideas spur on your imagination this week! Again, it's not about the size or expense of the "fun mom" thing - it's about surprising our kids with fun. The smile on their face that comes when we say yes instead of not, when we say "go for it" instead of "I don't think that's a good idea." And no - most days it might not be a good idea - but one day this week, maybe it could be. That's what we're going for here! One day.

Circle back up here and let us know what you tried! What worked and what didn't! Share your pictures with us on Instagram with #FunMomGoals so we can all get inspired to say yes to our littles together!

Have Fun!


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