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A New Beginning

It might seem silly, but I actually am incredibly saddened to lose my beloved space of nearly four years. It has been home to my most grand dreams and also the most failed ideas. It has cultivated my love of painting, it was the place I felt the Lord lead me to write words and dare to dream bigger.

This space saw me through a season of wilderness, provided comfort to my late night painting sessions during the lonely periods of session and gave my children a space to create without fear of failure.

I have loved this space. Dearly. It has become my home inside my home. A haven for me to think, write, dream, paint and pray. I am oh, so grateful that the Lord allowed this space for me for this time.

But just as everything in life, this season has come to an end and it is time for our children to grow into their own spaces (for their own sanity but also for mine). My daughter is moving into this space and I am moving into the backside of our upstairs playroom.

I'm sure that it's not going to be the smoothest transition - going from "my" space to a "shared" space - but if there's anything that I have learned in the past few years it's this:

Sometimes I have to let go of what I think is good so that God can give me something great.

And it is with that thought in my heart that we begin the process of cleaning out, rearranging, ordering bedding and making three "big kid" rooms and a space for all of us to create together. I am anxious and excited and nervous and just a little emotional.

God has planted a need to create in our hearts and one of my deepest desires is to cultivate that in our children - in whatever way that comes out. Whether it's drawing, painting, writing, singing, planting, cooking or engineering. Our family has that bent and for that, I am extremely grateful. I want to teach our kids that we can use even these gifts as an offering back up to the Lord.

My prayer is that this space creates room for that to happen. For all of us. My prayer is that I have room to write in obedience, paint in deliverance and teach in worship. That our children have space to be themselves and love others through their work and worship. That they find freedom in expressing themselves in a creative way.

Maybe that is too much hope for one space. But, for now, that is the sincerest desire of my heart. God, prepare a place for us to be more like You. Provide a place that teaches us to be all we are to give you more glory. May we give you room to work within our giftings so that we can offer more back to You. God, let this space be the home of even bigger dreams and wider paint strokes. We love you and truly offer every inch of it back up to You today. Thank you for granting our kids the desire to create and love You through it.


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