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A Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich

Y'all. These are just about the easiest treats you can make and your kiddos (or your guests) will think that you are SUPER close to being a professional dessert maker. I promise!


8 of your FAVORITE cookies*

1 pint of your FAVORITE ice cream**

Sprinkles of your choice***

Heavy Duty foil

Large ziplock bags


Cut four foil sheets that are the width of your cookie. You're going to wrap the sandwich in the foil for the freezer, so make sure it's large enough for that job. Get your pint of ice cream soft enough that you can scoop it, but not melty. (Don't you love my fancy baker terms?) It's the perfect balance that alludes me at our house so often.

Lay out four cookies, bottoms up. Use an ice cream scoop and scoop a heap of ice cream on each cookie.

Use the four remaining cookies to press down on top of the cookies and sort of squeeze the ice cream out. If you're going to do sprinkles or mini candies on the edges, you'll want to make sure the ice cream goes all the way to the edge - perhaps a bit further than the edge.

I really like to go ahead and wrap them for the freezer right here. It hardens the ice cream a bit so it's easier to work with for the sprinkles part. But if you're stocking the freezer up for a party, you might want to go ahead and do the sprinkles and then freeze them.

When you do the toppings, just put them in a medium-sized bowl. You'll simply roll the cookies' sides in the toppings. You might have to press them in a bit to get them to stay on real good! Don't worry about getting your hands sticky - it's just ice cream, y'all!

And that's it! You can totally do it, and it looks super fancy, right?

*My favorite cookies to use are this recipe. If you are making your own, be sure to use a cookie scoop so they're pretty evenly sized. Another GREAT option is the bakery at your local grocery store. Their cookies are the PERFECT size for these sandwiches and hold up super well!

**I LOVE Blue Bell Cookie Dough for this. But you can use whatever - just know that if it isn't Blue Bell, it probably won't be as good. *wink*

***Think outside of the box on the sprinkles, y'all! Crushed oreos, mini chocolate chips, mini m&m's, heath pieces! The sky is the limit!

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