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It DOES Get Easier, Momma

I have sworn up and down my entire motherhood experience that I wouldn't be one of those moms who says things like, "it goes by so fast!" or "you'll blink and they'll be going off to kindergarten". I'm sorry if you are one of those moms, but let's just be real here - maybe sometimes it's best to keep these thoughts to yourself. (Especially when there's a mom clearly struggling to peel her toddler off of the floor at Target. Not that I know any of this from experience, y'all).

I currently have a just-turned-three year old (who thinks he is nine by way of his big brother) and let's just say that out of all our kiddos, he might be by far the cutest but also the hardest in the bunch! He is spunky, quirky, independent, sweet, tender, manipulative, stubborn and has gone rogue more than a handful of times during his short and sweet life.

But as we were on vacation this summer and out way past bedtime, I had a thought to myself that I wanted to share with the mommas who are in the thick of bedtime routines, scrubbing poop off of potty training bottoms, stepping on legos in the middle of the night and crawling to the kitchen for the first cup of coffee.

This too shall pass.

I'm not saying you're going to miss it - because I would never dare say that. I truly don't know if I'll ever get to a point where I'll say, "remember when Landry had three accidents in a row as we headed out to dinner in Seaside? That was so cute, I miss that!" but I do know that little by little, day by day, the hard of toddlerhood gets a tiny bit easier.

Bed time doesn't have to be as strict. They challenge your rules, but they also learn how to follow them. They can play by themselves, clean up by themselves, get snacks by themselves and one day - not too far from now - they can even turn the television on by themselves! PTL, am I right?

Yes, it's nice to be needed, but it's also oh so nice to not be needed.

So hang on there, sweet mommas in the thick of it all. Keep going, and just remember to look for the funny in each of your days.


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