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Are You (also) Wasting Time?

I was in the middle of putting away laundry when my phone dinged. Actually, that’s a lie. I was folding it. Because putting it away doesn’t typically happen does it?

Anyway, like a trained dog, I picked up my phone and clicked on the Instagram notification and then I was gone. Sucked into a world that is somewhere else, mindlessly scrolling through highlights and how to's for more than just a few minutes.

And I found that while my eyes were searching the screen before me, my mind wandered to the Lord and I began a conversation.

Before I knew it I was asking the Lord to help me make the most of my time that day…. Yes, while I had put my laundry to the side and scrolled through social media.

And it’s not often when this happens, but it definitely did happen - the Lord nudged me, and it wasn’t softly either. It was like a father knowing what’s right for their child but the child can’t figure it out even though it’s completely obvious. You know what I’m saying?

God whispered, “then stop wasting time.”

Uhhhh... excuse me? I do waste time....... oh yeah. Maybe I do.

It was an aha moment.

The thing is that I often find myself begging God for something. For direction, for wisdom, for words to write, and ideas to hash out. And He gives them to me. He really does, even though I complain much of the time that He doesn’t.

I say things like, “I am so overwhelmed I don’t know where to start” or “it’s too hard to figure this out” or “I don’t have time to sit down and write”.

But the truth is that it’s not because God doesn’t give me what I’m asking for, but it’s because I don’t actually get up and do it.

Sometimes it’s easier to complain about what God hasn’t done than it is to get up and obey what He has asked me to do.

Sometimes it’s simpler to stay seated in my disappointment than it is to work for some sort of success.

Sometimes it’s easier to wrap my brain around a God who is faithful to everyone else than it is to understand He also has plans for me… even if I can’t see or understand them.

So I want to ask you a question. What are you begging God for?

Discernment? Wisdom? Direction? Opportunity?

Could it be that you don’t actually lack those things but rather have pushed the answer to the side because it's not the answer you want? Because it requires something of you?

Remember that Jesus asked Peter to get out of the boat.

He asked Lazarus’s friends to unbind him.

He asked Zaccheus to come down from the tree.

We have to put feet to our faith, y'all. We can’t just expect God to do it FOR us, even though He most definitely will do it with us. So, as we set about your week, let's stop wasting time and start paying attention to the things God has most certainly called us to do!



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