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Are You Giving In to the Wait?

I knew early last year that God had asked me to write a book. So I did. I have a complete manuscript on the shelf next to my desk... that no one wanted. I wrote an amazing book proposal, I met with agents, I got through a few rounds at a large publishing house but at the end of the day, they didn't want it. I felt rejected and defeated, but mostly I was angry that God so clearly asked me to write (for days on end) just to have this on my shelf.

But then we came into contact with a wonderful and wise woman who would help me publish my own book. This is extremely common as it is so hard to get publishing deals right now - which should be encouraging to me but isn't. It's an investment, and we were ready to pull the trigger when I sensed in my spirit that God was saying, "Becky, wait."

Can I be honest? I HATE WAITING.

I don't like waiting for tables, I don't like waiting for my groceries to come out and I certainly don't like waiting when I'm not sure what I'm even waiting for. But life is full of waiting and I am convinced that it is when we try to shortcut God's plans that we miss out the greatest blessing - His faithfulness.

Could God bless me if I decided to go ahead and publish the book even while I knew He said wait? Sure.

But what would I be giving up if I decided to give in?

Do you know the story of Abram and Sarai? They tried to shortcut God's plan many times.

God promised Abram that if he would leave his country and go to a certain land, He would make of him a great nation. God said his descendants would have this land forever outnumber the stars. (Sure that sounds great - when you’re a man!)

But the problem was that Sarai - his wife - couldn’t get pregnant, which is kind of essential in birthing an entire nation.

So Sarai and Abram took it upon themselves to help God out. They decided he would take their servant, Hagar, and get her pregnant (yes, you read that right) so they would then have all of these descendants God was talking about. But you know what's about to happen, right? Hagar gets pregnant and Sarai hates her. She makes her life miserable. Why? Because she’s jealous. This was never the way God intended it to happen.

But when Sarai and Abram showed mistrust, God showed mercy. When they showed a lack of confidence in the Lord’s word, God showed monumental compassion. He didn’t take it back and say, “oops - I didn’t know that you wouldn’t be good enough.”

Instead, He came in and doubled down. He changed their name and said, “I will establish my covenant between you and me and your offspring after you throughout their generations for an everlasting covenant.” (Genesis 17:7)

Maybe you're deep in a wait today and you are tired, or maybe you are in the middle of the shortcut. Can I be real with you for a second? God is so good and His way is always best, even when it's not in your timing.

But maybe it's time to ask yourself this question-What will you be giving up if you decided to give in?

Friend, be encouraged in your wait that He hasn't forgotten about you. He sees you and His promises - even when they take a long time - are true and real. And if you are struggling with God to get out, let go and let His peace flood your wait.



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