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I first met Twyla in our Bible Fellowship class at church. She had just been through an incredible time losing her mom to cancer, tragically followed by the unexpected death of her sister. Even in the middle of her heartbreak, she simply exuded joy. She was joy. 

Her faith in the Lord grew as her husband, Ben, and her uprooted and moved to a new state in order to take care and provide for her sister’s precious children. They didn’t question it, they just did it. They love these kids as their own, and despite the difficulties that their situation might bring, the peace they have settled in their soul is nothing short of miraculous. 

I am so excited to introduce Twyla, her story and her JOY to you today for #FreedomFriday. You will be blessed by her, encouraged by her faith and you will fall in love with her sweet personality. Make sure to friend her facebook because she is the QUEEN of dropping truth bombs! Twyla is a Kindergarten teacher, a wife, a mom and an encourager of many. 



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