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Get After Those Lies

Okay, y'all. As we start to get after those lies in our head, I thought it might be handy if I had a quick resource to grab for when Satan starts coming for me. I am not as great with scripture memory as I'd like to be, so this little bookmark type of thing will be super handy to stick in my Bible.

It's front and back and I made it two colors because some people like pink but others don't (who ARE you)? You can print them on two separate sheets of paper and stick them to your bathroom mirror, you can print them and give them to friends or daughters or neighbors. Do with them what you will, I just pray that they will be helpful as you battle for your mind.

(I printed mine, front and back, on heavy, plain card stock and then stuck it in a laminator for safekeeping).

Download PDF • 4.33MB
Download PDF • 5.39MB



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