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Pivot Point 01 | Looking Beyond the Resolutions

Updated: Jan 12

“The Lord will fulfill his purpose for me; your steadfast love, O Lord, endures forever. Do not forsake the work of your hands.” (Psalm 138:8)

Many of us are in a season of reflection and planning. Some might have already hit the ground running, while others, like myself, are still methodically entering this new year.

And while we're reflecting, I wonder what 2023 was like for you. Have you considered it or are you trying to forget it happened altogether? Maybe it was the best year ever, or maybe it was the hardest. Maybe, like mine, it was an incredibly difficult year, but one full of extreme growth and reward. Either way, we typically end up on one side of the fence or another - disappointed or satisfied - with what we accomplished for the year. 

With the new year swimming around in my brain this morning during my quiet time, I was reminded that God will fulfill his purpose for me regardless of the self-imposed marks I meet or don’t. 

This doesn’t mean goal-setting and daydreaming aren’t good or even vital. I mean, so often God is simply waiting for us to get out of the boat. But sometimes I find I am striving a little more than I probably should. I think, “If I can just crank this next piece of artwork out…” or “If I can just make this school event the BEST…” then I’ll feel fulfilled or even accomplished. 

But what if the Lord’s idea of accomplishment moves beyond New Year's resolutions? What if God’s main purpose for us, more than the gifts and talents that He has given us, is simply to dwell with the Lord one day at a time? One task at a time. One moment, one breath, and one goal at a time. 

This is your gentle reminder today that the Lord loves you, and has a purpose for you beyond the goals you hit last year or set this year. Regardless of your mistakes, past, and current circumstances, or your heartache. His love does, indeed, endure forever. His purposes for us are greater and wider than anything we can write on a calendar or check off on a list. 

So, just hang in there, my dear friend. Breathe God in. Relax. There isn’t any hurry to get it all done. Stop striving, and let the Lord be the Lord of your life. He will direct your path in His timing. 


Pivotal Reflection: 

  • Where am I striving more than I should? 

  • How can I better dwell with the Lord throughout my day?

  • List three ways you have felt the love of the Lord in the last month.



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