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Pivot Point 04 | No Fear

“God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. Therefore we will not fear…” (Psalm 46:1-2)

If you're a 90s kid, you might recall the "NO FEAR" shirts that were all the rage. I had one for softball that read, "Bottom of the 9th. Bases loaded. Two outs. Full count. No fear," and it gave me a serious confidence boost.

It was a powerful message, not because it whispered to the fear that crept up in a moment like that, but because it illuminated the confidence that had to be summoned. In these moments, a player couldn’t afford to be weighed down by what could be lost. Instead, they must remain anchored in the present, ready for action, and steeped in the assurance that their diligent training had prepared them for this very moment. 

As we journey into adulthood, the heavy weight of fear seeks to ensnare us. We fret over our loved ones, our homes, our wealth, our professions, and our aging parents, and the shadow of terror looms over us. Yet, this is not the path that God intended for us.

When David reminds himself in Psalm 46 that God is his refuge and strength, he is doing so in a legitimate place of fear. And yet instead of living in the place of fear, he pivots to the confidence he has in God. As he continues to write, in summary, he says that we should not fear even when the immovable begins to move. 

When circumstances change suddenly, when the bottom of your world falls out, when that hit comes right at you in the bottom of the 9th! Instead of living in the fear that we know is there, we turn to God who not only gives us strength but is our strength. 

Personal Reflection: 

  1. What am I afraid of?

  2. What, if anything, can I do about that fear today

  3. List 3 promises from scripture that remind you of who God is despite your personal fear.



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