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What Now?

Y'all! 2020 is halfway gone and what do we have to show for it? I am almost 100 percent positive that you are in a similar boat as me, in that I am looking at my goal list, my projects, my aspirations for the year and seeing a big fat ZERO.

But what if we changed that mindset? What if we leaned into what God has allowed 2020 to become and really sat and learned more about not only ourselves but about HIM?

Yesterday, as I sat in a new wave of anxiety (that is super fun in this COVID situation, by the way), I gave myself permission to reevaluate what I want for the remainder of the year. Instead of dying to have certain speaking opportunities, to write articles for various publications, to sell a few pieces of art, my goals have now become more heart issues.... and that, my friend, I am super excited about.

Throughout the rest of the year, I want to conquer negative self-talk! I want to treat myself with kindness and learn to have the most grace for myself - the kind that I have an abundance of with others. I want to teach a virtual bible study on my very favorite topic - freedom - using the neverending examples found in the book of Exodus. I want to deepen my faith while I wait for God to deliver us from some difficult family situations, and learn how to praise Him sincerely in doing so.

Y'all, most of these aren't tangible things, but they are the heart things. They are difficult and mostly still work that I, for one, am often "too busy" for.

So what would you like for the rest of 2020? What heart goals are you going to set out and move into?

I truly believe that 2020 can be our best, most beautiful year when we truly lean in and do the heart work, which is also the hard work I spend most of my time avoiding.

AUTHOR'S NOTE : As always, if you need some extra prayer, it would truly be an honor to pray over you, just shoot me an email. Much love to you all.



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