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Will you take the risk?

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

Below is an excerpt from my upcoming book! A release date will be announced so soon, so make sure you're subscribed to the email list to get all of the details first!

(Excerpt taken from the chapter, Believing God is Enough)

Here's the thing with acknowledging baggage in your life.

Whether it's something from your past or present, a sin or a circumstance, a relationship that has become toxic or a relationship that never happened, in order to surrender it all, you have to be willing to risk it all.

I knew I could end up alone.

I knew I might not be believed or that I might be blamed.

I knew my dad might deny it.

I knew the risk of telling my secret, but I had come to a point where I was either willing to take that risk or risk a half-lived, half-truthful, and anxious life with more regrets and what if's than I could ever count.

Thank the Lord I didn't end up alone, that everyone stayed by my side, supported me, and believed me. I was thankful that I even got a half-confession out of my father before our relationship disintegrated. But it might have not ended up that way, and even as it stands, we have suffered great relational loss.

Even though people stayed, not everyone stayed. Even though the important people believed me, not everyone believed me. And even though I didn't end up alone, I understood the risk of it happening. I had to take it anyway.

Maybe that's where you are too. Maybe you're on the verge of releasing something scary into the world. Or perhaps you're waiting to let go of who you were, or who you wanted to be. Maybe you've been lying to yourself, not just everyone else, and fear that if you get honest, everyone else will get honest with you too.

Or maybe, just maybe, you're contemplating if it's worth the risk. You're asking yourself whether you can handle the potential change or if you could live without that person, that thing, or that dream.

If you're like me, you've been stuck at this crossroads for a long time. For as many times as I kept my mouth shut, holding it all together while holding it all in, I was one deep breath away from spilling it. But the Lord brought me to a breaking point so that I would choose to believe him.

So let me give you something to think about: what if you can’t move forward because you first have to let go? What if the reason you feel stuck is because God is trying to pry your hands off something?

The decision I made wasn't just to let go of what I was hiding while letting others in. The decision was also—maybe more so—that even if I was left all alone here on earth, God would be enough.



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