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Women Who Dare to Believe 16 | Sarah Martin

Y'all!!! Sarah Martin is here with me today and she is such a treat! She is an Aggie (let's forgive her for that), an artist, and she has a brand new book out called, Higher Pursuits that you can purchase over on Amazon. I have connected with her on Instagram for several years now, as we have bonded over our love for Jesus and all things color. I'm so happy to have her on the blog today to share her heart.

Sarah, tell the readers a little bit about yourself.

Hi! I'm Sarah Martin. Like most women, I wear many hats. I'm a wife of almost 20 years. I'm a mom of a super cool 13 year old son. I'm an author of three books with one more coming soon. I'm a speaker and a teacher. And, I'm a wanna-be artist. (Becky's Note: She IS an artist - not a wannabe!)

What is the passion burning deep down in your heart right now?

After studying revival for 2+ years now and seeing where we are now in the world, I'm passionate about grabbing women by the hand and facilitating a conversation between her and Jesus. I'm convinced that now is the time to seek Higher Pursuits (fear of God, seeking His face, repentance, etc) in order to make ready and position ourselves for Jesus' return. He is coming back for a Bride (Church) in revival!

Has there ever been a time in your life when you had to choose to believe God - even when you didn't want to or feel like it?

What I'm believing for now ties into the question above.

I'm believing that the Church as a whole will awaken to wonder and arise with a fear of the Lord. I'm believing God's Word that says Jesus will return and that the enemy of our soul will not have a final say.

But, with that, when I find myself in days where I'm not as plugged into prayer and filled with the Spirit, doubt and dismay kick in. I see the very present darkness. I also see Christians seeking what I call "lesser things" like fame, fortune, comfort, or health rather than higher pursuits and I get so frustrated. I also feel really heavy when I see the world itself continue to spin out in chaos and darkness. Goodness, I know that the Lord can handle my doubt and frustration.

So, in those moments, I quickly rush into prayer and worship. He is who He says He is. He will do what He says He will do. He has not forsaken us! Might I offer you some glorious Scripture that I turn to when I need an extra boost to believe in His power and goodness? Go ahead and read Psalm 90-97. It will be like a boost of Holy Spirit revival to your very valid moment of doubt or distrust.

You aren't alone! Your God who is coming soon has not forgotten you!



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