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#FreeToo Launch Day

I cannot believe this day is finally here! This is my heartbeat and I come with an expectant and hopeful heart that God is in this sweet place of freedom with us.

A few months ago, Chrissie Dunham put on a women's retreat for our church that did not include a featured speaker but instead featured women from within our church body. They all testified to God's work in their lives, many of their stories being radical life transformations.

It was so incredibly powerful that we felt led to continue this type of gathering within our community.

I was born and raised in the church. I was there every time the church doors were open. I went to private school, graduated from Baylor, got married and had three beautiful children,all the while holding in the dark secret of childhood abuse deep in my spirit. But in 2018, God radically transformed my life through the surrendering and brought me out of a deep pit into His glorious light.

This is what we hope #FreeToo will be.

We want to meet women in whatever circumstance, whatever tragedy, loss, lie, sin or habit and lead them to God's great + merciful love. Through the power of testimony, prayer and worship we are hoping to engage women in the hope of Jesus through this quarterly gathering called #FreeToo.

Our first event will be at the Hope Center on October 24, from 7-9.

We will hear from two ordinary women in the community with extraordinary testimonies of surrender + freedom. We will cover the evening in powerful prayer and intimate worship by Crystal Yates.

We would love to have you to join us.

You can RSVP for our first event here. Space is limited, so be sure to grab your spot soon. We expect God to show up in all of His magnificence on this night, in this venue for you, for me and for all of the women in our community. We are praying for revival, authenticity and freedom to come from this movement and we hope to see you there.

If you would like to know more about #FreeToo or get involved, you can follow us on Instagram or email us at



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