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Women Who Dare to Believe 01 | Holly Knight

Today's feature is one I have been excited about for a long time. Holly and I have known each other for nearly ten years and I can't say enough about her. She's loud, she's bold, she's funny, and she's passionate about a LOT of things (especially Mi Cocina). But what I love most about Holly is her heart for obeying the Lord. I can't wait for you to read what she is sharing with us, and I hope it's a blessing to you as well today.

When asked what she feels like her calling is, Holly responded, "My calling is to lead others into the Presence of the Lord, whether that be through worship, Bible study, blog posts, or over a cup of coffee. I have a passion for encouraging and equipping women to serve the Lord to their fullest potential! I believe that God has put something unique and valuable in every one of us. He has a purpose for your life, and it’s probably bigger than you think. His plan for you is not dependent on your qualifications…it’s dependent on your willingness to say “Yes!” Holly writes weekly on her website and make sure to subscribe to her weekly newsletter as well!

Choosing To Believe God For Your Kids: (written by Holly Knight)

I’m becoming somewhat of a professional when it comes to choosing to believe God. Mainly because I’ve discovered that it’s my best option. When God calls you do to some crazy things (and I’m definitely out here living la vida loca), it is to your advantage to surrender and choose to believe that he knows what he’s doing. And I’m getting really good at believing God for myself.

But I struggle with choosing to believe God for my children.

I’ve always said that if it were just me and Bradley, we would go anywhere, do anything, live anywhere, at any cost, to serve the Lord. But when you throw 5 kids into the mix, I’m much less quick on the draw. Every decision, every move, every step directly affects these 5 individual lives. Everything we do is shaping them into who they will become. Every step (and misstep) is forming their theology and their view of God. If I think about this long enough, it becomes totally overwhelming. The responsibility of being called to serve God and also raise 5 godly children is too great a weight to bear sometimes. How can I be absolutely sure that my complete obedience to God is not simultaneously ruining their lives?

I have been wrestling with believing God in this area for YEARS.

When we moved to New York in 2017, Bradley and I knew to our core that God had called us there. And yet I struggled. I remember sobbing and telling my friend Lisa that I felt like I was feeding my kids to the wolves. Up until then, our children lived in a pristine bubble called Plano, TX. They attended a private Christian school. Their friends were all from upper-class Christian families. Their environment was completely controlled. And there’s nothing wrong with any of this. In fact, in many ways, it was a blessing. Until God called us away from it. Did our move from tidy Texas to gritty NYC feed our kids to the wolves? Yes. Were they thrown into a lion’s den of information, lifestyles, poverty, and culture shock they had never been exposed to? Yes. And if God called us, would I move them back to New York tomorrow? Yes.

At the end of 2020, God led us to move our family back to Texas. I struggled with this move, too. We had been part of such an incredibly diverse community in New York. My kids were exposed to different cultures and traditions. Their eyes and hearts were open to a multitude of those less fortunate. They were surrounded by people who were different than them. The diversity of our environment was life-giving. They had experiences and opportunities in New York that we could never replicate in Dallas. Were we taking a step backwards by removing our kids from the colorful tapestry of the city? Yes. Were we disorienting their souls and sense of identity by uprooting them once again and moving across the country? Yes.

Are you feeling my distress? This is not a new dilemma for me. This is not a new topic I created out of thin air so I could have something to blog about. I have been anguishing over believing God for years. Because God has been calling our family to do crazy big things for years.

Is my obedience to God ruining my kids’ lives?

The answer, unequivocally, is NO.

In all my wrestling with the Lord, he has been so gracious with me. He has assured me again and again, and I believe this to my bones: His plan for me and Bradley is also his plan for our children.

God’s calling on our lives is also his calling on our kids’ lives.

God’s anointing on our lives is also his anointing on our kids’ lives.

God’s assignment for our lives is also his assignment for our kids’ lives.

God’s covering over our lives is also his covering over our kids’ lives.

God’s grace for our lives is also his grace for our kids’ lives.

God’s strength for our lives is also his strength for our kids’ lives.

I can believe God for myself. And I can choose to believe God for my children.

In other words, as long as these 5 humans are under our roof and in our care, God’s plan for us as parents is also his plan for our children. We can believe him for our families.

One of the most significant and comforting Bible verses that has profoundly ministered to me in recent years is Isaiah 40:11. I still read it and weep.

“He will feed his flock like a shepherd.
He will carry the lambs in his arms,
holding them close to his heart.
He will gently lead the mothers
with their young.”

Is this not a breath of fresh air to your lungs? My Friend, let this wash over you today. The God who calls you to fulfill his assignments (big and small) loves your children more than you could ever imagine. You can absolutely believe the promises found in this verse:

God will provide for your family. “He will feed his flock like a shepherd.” He will make sure you have everything you need to accomplish your purpose. He will equip you to do every good work he has called you to. You will lack nothing.

God will protect your children. “He will carry the lambs in his arms, holding them close to his heart.” Did you read that clearly??? As you follow God on the path where he leads you, he is carrying your children. Not you. You were never meant to carry your kids through this life. You’re not strong enough. Hand them over to the Good Shepherd. He loves them more than you do.

God will empower you, Mom. “He will gently lead the mothers with their young.” He knows this life is hard. He knows the weight you carry as a mother. He knows you’re exhausted from holding it all together. He knows you beat yourself up over every choice you make, and how you never feel like you’re doing a good enough job. He knows the guilt you carry. He knows your struggles. And with more grace than you could ever imagine, he gently leads you, sweet Mother, as you make decisions for your children, as you serve your family, as you do the holy work of parenting. He’s gently leading you. And he’s filling you with his power to get the job done.

God’s got our kids. And he’s leading us moms with so much grace, kindness, and gentleness. His plan for all of us (including our children) is specific and good. We can believe him. Will we be throwing our kids into the lion’s den when we follow God wherever he leads? Probably. But our Good Shepherd is also one heck of a lion tamer. Our children will have a front-row seat to the unlimited power and protection that our glorious God offers to those who belong to him. And this will become part of their testimony. God is carrying our babies close to his heart along the path as he leads us. God’s got your kids, Friend. Keep following him. We can believe God for our kids.

by Holly Knight

In 2002, Holly married gospel music genius (my word, not hers), Bradley Knight, and moved from Denver to Dallas, where they served as Worship Leaders for 13 years at Prestonwood Baptist Church. They had three girls, Ava, Greta, and Harper when the Lord called Bradley and Holly to adopt 2 babies from Uganda in 2012, adding James and Jolie to complete their family.

Having recently spent 4 years in New York City, the Knight Tribe relocated in 2020 and once again calls Dallas home. Through the years, Holly has cultivated her love for mentoring and ministering to women through teaching Bible studies at her local church, speaking at women’s events, and training at entrepreneurial workshops across the country. She is currently writing her first book, due for release in Spring of 2022, and enjoys crafting weekly blog posts on her website, Make sure to check her out.



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